Hiking without meeting anyone. Just a farmer on a tractor. And a flock of sheep. Or maybe a few deer. Enjoy the wonderful tranquility and the pure country air. A short stroll or a longer walk. There are many choices!

Walks in the neighborhood

To the “Butte de Frochet” – a beautiful area of nature with a phenomenal view – you can walk from Bussière-Boffy or from the campsite. The walk in the “Landes de la Borderie” takes you to the highest point of the Charente: the “Rocher aux Oiseaux”. You can also hike in the area around the museum village of Montrol-Sénard (10 minutes by car from the campsite). This walk is called “In the Footsteps of Henry IV” and you can choose the shorter or longer version.

Hiking in the land of the Mandrake

Another very beautiful hiking route: the GR de pays de la Mandragore. The legend of the Mandrake tells the story of a dragon that lived on Mount Frochet and devoured a young virgin every year. Until fate appointed Alix de Joncherolles who was promised to Guyot de Saint-Quentin, lord of Mortemart. After hearing the news, Guyot got on his mule and took off at full gallop. At the same time, the sad procession with Alix went up the hill road towards Le Frochet. The dragon was looking down and impatiently waiting to find the girl in his possession soon. He didn’t see Guyot coming. The night before, the young man had finished his vigil in the chapel of the castle, and that morning his overlord had armed him as a knight. Guyot and his mule ran towards the dragon at full speed, and with a well-aimed blow, Guyot put a nail in the throat of the monster. Mortally wounded and roaring in pain, the dragon fled and fell into a pond, where he drowned. Alix threw herself into the arms of her savior and the wedding was celebrated on the same day.

Hiking in the woods of Obelix

During the walk along the megaliths of Ceinturat (10 minutes by car from En Campagne) you imagine yourself in a story of Asterix and Obelix. In the forests of the Monts de Blond, granite rocks and menhirs are the cradle of local stories and legends. The Megaliths circuit takes you in a 2.5 hour hike (11 km, yellow markings) along, among others, the Pierre Champignon (the mushroom stone), the Rocher des Fées (the fairy rock), the menhir of Ceinturat and the 12th century Chapel of the “Bois du Rat”.

We have many other hiking trails (1000 km) available at the campsite. Ask us about it!